What Are The Disadvantages Of Duck Eggs? 

Are duck eggs bad for you? To know the answer you need to know the disadvantages of duck eggs first. Usually, we eat chicken eggs and it is available in stores but you rarely see the duck eggs in a store. Why are duck eggs not sold in stores? The reason behind it is that duck eggs can not be produced on an industrial scale, unlike chicken eggs. So, I am here to highlight some disadvantages of duck eggs

What Are The Disadvantages Of Duck Eggs? 

The disadvantages of duck eggs will reveal the reason why people mostly prefer chicken eggs to duck eggs. Let’s see the disadvantages, 

  1. They have higher calories 
  2. Higher levels of cholesterol 
  3. Non-equivalent sizes 
  4. They have tougher shells 
  5. They are expensive 
  6. They are relatively hard to find 

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Top 6 Disadvantages Of Duck Eggs 

Sometimes, you are caught between choosing to cook with duck eggs or with chicken eggs. But, after reading about the disadvantages of duck eggs, you will never get confused. Therfore understand them,

  1. They Have Higher Calories 

Nowadays people are more conscious about how many calories they are eating a day. For such people, duck eggs are not suitable because they contain more calories than chicken eggs. On average 100 gs of duck eggs contain 185 to 223 calories. So, you can not eat too many eggs in a day. Now the question is, how many duck eggs can you eat a day? Then, don’t eat more than a single duck egg a day.

  1. Higher Levels Of Cholesterol 

As you know, a high level of cholesterol is dangerous for your heart’s health. It is sad but true that duck eggs contain higher levels of cholesterol, therefore, they may not be the best option for health-conscious people. Do you know? A 100 gms of duck eggs will give you almost three times the daily limit of cholesterol.

  1. Non-Equivalent Sizes 

You see that chicken eggs have an equal quantity of content but duck eggs do not have it. So, when you buy it, you may not get the same content every day.

  1. They Have Tougher Shells 

The toughness of the shell of duck eggs gives them longer shelf lives relative to chicken eggs, but on the other hand, they are harder to crack than chicken eggs. So, you need more effort and some practice to crack duck eggs cleanly to make scrambled duck eggs.

  1. They Are Expensive 

Another disadvantage of duck eggs is that they are expensive to buy. It is because they are not available abundantly. And you can not produce them on an industrial production scale.

  1. They Are Relatively Hard To Find 

Other than being expensive, duck eggs are also hard to find because of the lower supply. If you want to buy them then you can get them at a local farmer’s market.

So, these are the disadvantages of eating duck eggs. Obviously, duck eggs have some disadvantages but, it doesn’t mean that they are bad to eat. They also have some advantages as,

Duck Egg Advantages 

The duck eggs benefits are like, 

  • Excellent source of selenium 
  • High in nutrition 
  • Provides vitamin D 
  • Vitamin B12 

If you are suffering from being overweight and want to lose some pounds. And you are thinking if duck eggs good for weight loss. Then, you are completely wrong, don’t eat duck eggs if you want to become slim.

Everything has its disadvantages on Disadvantagess you will get to know more.


What Is The Side Effects Of Duck Egg?

Duck eggs have high nutritional content and a richer yolk compared to chicken eggs. They contain more calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium than chicken eggs. These eggs may fight bacteria, enhance bone health, and have antioxidant activity. Duck eggs may cause side effects like diarrhea and salmonella.

Are Duck Eggs Healthy To Eat?

However you serve them, duck eggs are an excellent source of nutrition. Their dark yellow yolk indicates that they hold more antioxidants, more omega-3 fatty acids, and 50% more vitamin A than chicken eggs. Duck eggs offer more protein than chicken eggs, even taking size into consideration.

Can I Eat Duck Eggs Everyday?

Each duck egg contains 619 milligrams of cholesterol, which is more than twice the daily recommended limit. If you have high cholesterol or heart disease, one duck egg has more than 3 times the daily recommended limit. Duck eggs are more expensive than chicken eggs on the market.

What Are The Healthiest Eggs?

Overall, shorter and lower-heat cooking methods cause less cholesterol oxidation and help retain most of the egg’s nutrients. For this reason, poached and boiled (either hard or soft) eggs may be the healthiest to eat.

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Can I Eat Eggs Everyday?

For most healthy adults, it’s safe to eat 1–2 eggs a day depending on how much other cholesterol is in your diet. If you already have high cholesterol or other risk factors for heart disease, it may be best to eat no more than 4–5 eggs per week.

Do Duck Eggs Taste Better Than Regular Eggs?

Overall, duck eggs and chicken eggs taste similar. However, the flavor of duck eggs may be more intense than that of chicken eggs. Duck eggs tend to be 50–100% larger than chicken eggs. They also have a deep orange yolk that people often say is much richer and creamier than chicken egg yolk.

How Do I Substitute Duck Eggs?

Duck eggs are roughly 30% larger than a medium chicken egg, weighing in at 3 to 3-½ ounces, so two duck eggs equals three chicken eggs if you are substituting them in a recipe, however I use them in a one-to-one ratio, even in baking, and am always happy with the results.


In this article, I have given you the duck egg advantages and disadvantages in detail. As you can see, most people eat chicken eggs rather than duck eggs, so there are so many factors behind it. It is because duck eggs are not easily available, also they are expensive, therefore, you can not buy them daily. Also, they are high in calories including higher levels of cholesterol. These are the disadvantages of duck eggs.


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Are duck eggs good or bad for you

Are duck eggs bad for You?