What Are The Disadvantages Of Eating Brown Rice? 

Brown rice is effective for weight loss but the disadvantages of eating brown rice will make you aware of the negative side of them as well. The brown rice is whole grain rice with the inedible outer hull removed. It is the pure form of rice and one of the most beneficial grains that you can have. Along with some benefits that brown rice has, there are a number of disadvantages of eating brown rice

What Are The Disadvantages Of Eating Brown Rice

 The disadvantages of eating brown rice are, 

  1. Prone to cross-contamination 
  2. Prone to fungus 
  3. Requires proper storage & preservation 
  4. Difficult to be digested 
  5. Makes you feel fuller at all times 
  6. Requires proper cleaning 
  7. Lacks minerals and nutrients 

Top 7 Disadvantages Of Eating Brown Rice 

Well, brown rice is not different from white rice but they are the original form of white rice. Let’s understand some disadvantages of eating brown rice in detail.

  1. Prone To Cross-Contamination 

Brown rice tends to cross-contamination like other manufactured products. Some ingredients in brown rice may not be suitable for people with certain food allergies. So, brown rice is responsible and is considered the major producer of different products like snacks, flour, and pieces of bread.

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  1. Prone To Fungus 

When you store the brown rice for more than 7 days it generates molds, bacteria, and fungus that have a severe impact on your health. The fungus called Aflatoxin is found to grow on uncooked as well as cooked brown rice which can cause diseases like cancer.

  1. Requires Proper Storage & Preservation 

Well, brown rice contains a number of essential fatty acids that are very much useful for your body and to combat various problems such as unbalanced cholesterol.

  1. Difficult To Digest 

If you consume brown rice in your meals, you may take a longer time for complete digestion. This is because it is very important to chew the brown rice properly before swallowing it. Also, it is very difficult to digest, therefore, if you don’t chew it properly it can create problems like a heavy abdomen and others.

  1. Makes You Feel Fuller At All Times 

Is brown rice good for weight loss? It is a common question popping up in everyone’s mind. So, the answer is yes, because the brown rice feels fuller at all times and hence you can skip dinner. It helps people who are overweight to shed more pounds and reduce their body mass index. Can I eat brown rice everyday? Yes, to reduce excess weight you can eat brown rice daily.

  1. Requires Proper Cleaning 

One of the common side effects of eating rice daily is you need to clean them properly. It is because they are an unpolished form of rice and hence soil and other things very closely come into contact with it.

  1. Lacks Minerals And Nutrients 

Switching from white rice to brown rice is easy because they both have the same taste but brown rice lacks minerals and nutrients. They are whole grain but it lacks a number of minerals and other valuable food nutrients that are necessary for the body.

So, these are the cons of brown rice. But, you shouldn’t ignore the pros of brown rice

Advantages Of Brown Rice 

The advantages of brown rice are, 

  • Source of dietary fiber 
  • Contains a high level of magnesium 
  • Rich source of natural oils 
  • Effective in weight loss 
  • Considered a whole grain 
  • Plenty of antioxidants 

These are the advantages and disadvantages of eating brown rice. People always ask one question that, is brown rice better than white rice? So, the answer is no, because brown rice is the original form of rice.

Everything has its disadvantages on Disadvantagess you will get to know more.


What Are The Side Effects Of Eating Brown Rice?

Brown rice has also been reported to have high levels of inorganic arsenic which is a toxin known to potentially cause liver, lung, kidney, and bladder cancer. Some arsenic is just a naturally occurring mineral, but the inorganic kind comes from chemicals and pesticides.

What Happens If I Eat Brown Rice Everyday?

We’re not talking toxic levels in one serving or anything scary like that, but eating rice a few times a day (every day) is not a good idea. Excess arsenic is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.

What Is The Healthiest Rice?

Brown rice is more nutrient-dense than white rice. Because of this, brown rice may help reduce blood sugar levels and aid in weight management efforts. However, white rice is good for those with certain digestive issues who cannot digest fiber-rich foods well.

Can Brown Rice Make You Fat?

White rice contains fewer nutrients and less fiber than brown rice. Additionally, white rice varieties consist almost entirely of carbs in the form of starches and glucose.

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Is Brown Rice Healthier Than White?

Brown rice is generally more nutritious than white rice. It’s higher in fiber, magnesium, and other nutrients, and it isn’t artificially enriched with nutrients like white rice is. If you’d like to add rice to your diet but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, talk to your dietitian.

Who Should Not Eat Brown Rice?

There is one negative on the ledger for brown rice: arsenic. Brown rice contains elevated levels of the naturally occurring toxic element, which is present in many foods. It’s not enough to cause harm in a typical diet. People who are pregnant, however, may want to limit consumption.

Which Rice Is A Superfood?

Wild rice can contain as much as 30 times the antioxidants of white rice, helping to protect the body from disease, as well as age healthfully. It also contains vitamins A, C and E, which are believed to help the functioning of the body’s immune system – particularly relevant given the recent pandemic.


Now, you know the pros and cons of brown rice. And it tells us that brown rice has multiple benefits but also has some disadvantages. Therefore, you should eat them in proper amounts and manner. Now, the question is how much brown rice should I eat a day? So, you can eat 1 to 3 cups of brown rice a day. After reading this article you will never forget about the disadvantages of eating brown rice.


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