How To Use Tanning Oil?

How To Use Tanning Oil? Tanning oil is a popular product among those looking to achieve a golden, sun-kissed glow. While there are many different types of tanning oils available, they all have one thing in common: they help to accelerate the tanning process by attracting and retaining the sun’s rays.

How To Use Tanning Oil?

If you’re new to using tanning oil, it can be a bit intimidating. But with a few simple steps, you can easily achieve a beautiful, even tan. Here’s a guide on how to use tanning oil:

Step 1: Choose the right tanning oil for your skin type

There are many different types of tanning oils available, so it’s important to choose one that’s right for your skin type. If you have fair skin, look for a tanning oil with a lower SPF (sun protection factor) to avoid burning. If you have darker skin, you may be able to use a tanning oil with a higher SPF. Additionally, some tanning oils are designed for use on the face, while others are best used on the body.

Step 2: Prep your skin

Before applying tanning oil, it’s important to prep your skin to ensure an even application. Start by exfoliating your skin to remove any dead skin cells that may interfere with the tanning process. You can use a body scrub or a loofah to gently exfoliate your skin. After exfoliating, be sure to moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated.

Step 3: Apply the tanning oil

When applying tanning oil, start with a small amount and apply it evenly to your skin. Be sure to pay special attention to areas that are more prone to burning, such as your shoulders, chest, and back. Use circular motions to massage the oil into your skin, and be sure to avoid applying too much product to any one area.

Step 4: Soak up the sun

After applying tanning oil, it’s time to soak up the sun! Find a comfortable spot to lie down and expose your skin to the sun’s rays. It’s important to remember to reapply tanning oil every few hours, especially if you’re swimming or sweating.

Step 5: Stay hydrated

While you’re tanning, it’s important to stay hydrated to prevent dehydration and heatstroke. Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages, which can dehydrate your body.

Step 6: Rinse off

After you’ve spent some time in the sun, it’s important to rinse off any excess tanning oil to prevent clogging your pores. Use a gentle soap or body wash to remove the oil from your skin, and be sure to moisturize again to keep your skin hydrated.

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Do You Put Tanning Oil On Before Or After Sunscreen?

For this reason, we strongly advise using tanning oil along with other sun protection products. Applying a sunscreen with an SPF before tanning oil, offers a layer of protection. The higher the SPF, the more protection you will have from UV rays.

Does Tanning Oil Make You Tan Faster?

Tanning oils work by attracting and focusing the ultraviolet rays of the sun onto the skin. Although the skin receives more than enough UV exposure in most sunny climates to create a tan, the properties of tanning oils speed up the process by intensifying the rays. In other words, tanning oil makes you tan faster.

How Long Should You Leave Tanning Oil On?

Learn How To Use It

It is not hard to learn how to use olive oil for tanning. All you need to do is make sure that you apply it evenly all over your body. Set the time for 30 minutes, as it is just the right amount of time you need to get a beautiful tan.

Do I Have To Wash Off Tanning Oil?

It’s advisable to wait at least 2 to 3 hours before showering after tanning with a tanning lotion. But if you want to guarantee that you won’t wash away your superficial tan, you can postpone your shower for 6 to 8 hours after applying the tanning lotion.


In conclusion, using tanning oil can help you achieve a beautiful, even tan, but it’s important to choose the right product for your skin type and to follow the steps above to ensure an even application and prevent burning. Remember to stay hydrated and reapply tanning oil every few hours to maintain your tan. With these tips, you’ll be able to achieve a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow all summer long!


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