What Is .Lijit.Com?

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In the vast realm of the internet, it’s not uncommon to encounter unfamiliar website addresses and domain extensions. One such domain that might have piqued your curiosity is .Lijit.com. If you’ve stumbled upon this domain while browsing the web, you’re likely wondering what it is and why it appears in various URLs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of .Lijit.com and shed light on its purpose and significance. Let’s uncover the mystery surrounding .Lijit.com and understand its role in the online landscape.

What Is .Lijit.Com?

To comprehend the purpose of .Lijit.com, it’s essential to first understand Lijit Networks, which was an online advertising and data analytics company. Lijit Networks was founded in 2006 and provided services to publishers, helping them monetize their websites and gain insights into their audience’s behavior. The company offered a range of tools and solutions to optimize ad revenue and gather valuable analytics data.

Lijit And Federated Media Publishing (Fmp):

In 2011, Lijit Networks was acquired by Federated Media Publishing (FMP), a company specializing in digital media and advertising. Following the acquisition, Lijit Networks became a part of FMP, which further expanded its reach and capabilities.

Lijit.Com And .Lijit.Com:

As part of its services, Lijit Networks provided publishers with tools to manage and monetize their websites. One of these tools was a search and discovery widget known as Lijit Search. Publishers could integrate this widget into their websites to enhance search functionality and provide relevant content recommendations to their visitors.

When the Lijit Search widget was installed on a website, it utilized the domain .Lijit.com for its search and analytics processes. This means that if you come across a URL containing .Lijit.com, it is likely related to the Lijit Search widget present on that website.

Transition To Sovrn Holdings:

In 2014, Federated Media Publishing (FMP) underwent restructuring, and its assets were acquired by Sovrn Holdings Inc., a digital advertising technology company. As a result, Lijit Networks became a part of Sovrn Holdings.

Current Status:

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Lijit Networks and the associated .Lijit.com domain were integrated into Sovrn Holdings. While the specific use of the .Lijit.com domain might have evolved or changed over time, it is still associated with the Lijit Search widget and its functionalities.


In the digital landscape, .Lijit.com is a domain that is closely associated with the Lijit Search widget, which was developed by Lijit Networks, a company acquired by Federated Media Publishing (FMP) and later integrated into Sovrn Holdings. This domain is utilized by the Lijit Search widget for search functionality and data analytics purposes on websites that have integrated the widget.

Although specific details about .Lijit.com might have evolved since my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, understanding its historical context and association with Lijit Networks provides valuable insights into its significance within the online ecosystem.

Next time you encounter a URL containing .Lijit.com, you can recognize it as a remnant of the Lijit Search widget and its past association with online advertising and data analytics.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Lijit?

Remove spam notifications. Check the list of installed software. Remove Ap.lijit.com pop-ups from Google Chrome.

Check the list of installed software

  1. Click ‘Start’.
  2. In the Start menu select ‘Control Panel’.
  3. Find and select ‘Programs and Features’ or ‘Uninstall a program’.
  4. Select the program.
  5. Click ‘Uninstall’.

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