What Are The Disadvantages Of Adjustable Beds?  

Before buying an adjustable bed you should know some disadvantages of adjustable beds. Because they are costly, it is better to know their advantages and disadvantages of adjustable beds rather than regretting them later. But, adjustable beds can be an easy way to receive a higher level of comfort for a number of reasons. Also, it provides better support to those who have breathing issues and must sleep upright. Let’s know the disadvantages of adjustable beds

What Are The Disadvantages Of Adjustable Beds

The disadvantages of adjustable beds tell you about the negative sides of adjustable beds. Let’s see these disadvantages,  

  1. High cost 
  2. There are always higher maintenance costs 
  3. They can be loud and not quiet 
  4. They are incredibly heavy 
  5. They have a unique size,so, they require unique sheets 
  6. They provide difficulty in movement 

6 Disadvantages Of Adjustable Beds

You need to understand the disadvantages of adjustable beds in detail.

  1. High Cost 

If you have a low budget then the adjustable beds are not for you so you can go for an regular bed. The adjustable bed is too costly and it is because the mattresses that are being used must be able to be adjusted and the bed frame must support adjustments.

  1. There Are Always Higher Maintenance Costs 

The maintenance cost of the adjustable beds is more than the average bed because they have motors, frames that have joints. There several other parts that can break down over time and require replacement.

  1. They Can Be Loud And Not Quiet 

If you want peace while sleeping then don’t buy the adjustable bed, they are not for you. Because the adjustable beds have some level of whisper, technology associated with them, but that does not mean that they are actually quiet beds.

  1. They Are Incredibly Heavy 

Adjustable beds are too heavy so you can not move them when you have to do cleaning or want to shift home. The average weight of the adjustable bed is about 625 pounds, including mattress, the box spring, and the bed frame. But the standard weight of an average bed is about 175 pounds.

  1. They Have A Unique Size, So, They Require Unique Sheets 

Do you know? It is nearly impossible to find bed sheets that properly fit an adjustable bed from most major retailers. Therefore, more retailers that do offer sheet sets for an adjustable bed sell them at a higher price.

  1. They Provide Difficulty In Movement 

One of the problems with adjustable beds is that they provide difficulty in movement. And it becomes a big problem when you need a stationary bed while sleeping. Due to this disadvantage, the consumer reports adjustable beds with low rating.  

Disadvantages Of Adjustable Air Mattress Beds 

The disadvantages of adjustable air mattress beds are air loss, high price, intrusion in the middle of the bed, and durability issues. Also, you need to take special care of air mattresses to prevent breaking the mattress or puncturing a hole in the mattress. 

So, this is all about the disadvantages of adjustable beds. Many people have various doubts regarding the adjustable bed, including are adjustable beds bad for your back or are adjustable beds good for your back. So, the answer to such questions is, it depends on the quality of the bed. 

Advantages Of Adjustable Beds 

The advantages of adjustable beds are like 

  • Lightens back pain 
  • Improve digestion process 
  • Prevent and relieve arthritis 
  • Remedy leg swelling 
  • Reduce insomnia 
  • Reduce acid reflux and heartburn 
  • Proper blood circulation 

Now, you know what are the pros and cons of an adjustable beds.

Everything has its disadvantages on Disadvantagess you will get to know more.


Is It Healthy To Sleep On An Adjustable Bed?

While it may take some trial and error to find the perfect position of your customizable adjustable bed, one of the benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed is taking pressure off the spine. It can also improve blood circulation which benefits the whole circulatory system while asleep, including the back.

Are Adjustable Beds Really Worth It?

Do you feel better in a reclined position? As a general rule, people who find relief from back pain while in a reclined position tend to benefit from sleeping in an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed may be especially beneficial if you have one of the following conditions: Degenerative spondylolisthesis.

Do Adjustable Beds Break Easily?

Mattresses Wear Out Faster- It is a fact that your mattress will break down faster on an adjustable platform. There are no ifs, and, or buts about it.

Can Side Sleepers Use Adjustable Beds?

Adjustable beds work well for side and back sleepers, but not for stomach sleepers. You should avoid some adjustable base positions if you sleep on your side as well. Side sleeping is great for those with back pain, hip pain, sleep apnea, or acid reflux. With an adjustable bed, side sleepers can get even better rest.


So, everyone wants a warm and bouncy bed for a sound sleep because it provides us extreme comfort. But sometimes we fail to choose a good bed because of lack of knowledge. Therefore, this article has brought good knowledge for you regarding the adjustable bed. From now on before buying the adjustable bed at least once take a look at the disadvantages of adjustable beds and also advantages.


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