What Are The Disadvantages Of Removing Tonsils? 

Removal of tonsils is known as Tonsillectomy and here we are to know the disadvantages of removing tonsils. Many people are dealing with questions like is there any side effects of removing tonsils? So, the answer is ‘Yes’, there are some cons of removing your tonsils. And this article will explain all the possible disadvantages of removing tonsils

What Are The Disadvantages Of Removing Tonsils? 

The disadvantages of removing tonsils will tell you why don’t they remove tonsils anymore. Let’s take a look at them, 

  1. Impact On Immunity 
  2. Short Term Complications 

Top 2 Disadvantages Of Removing Tonsils 

Let me explain to you the disadvantages of removing tonsils in order to make you well aware of the negatives of removing tonsils.

  1. Impact On Immunity 

One of the common cons of removing tonsils is a continuous concern for several parents that taking out the tonsils surgically may have an immunological impact on their children’s health. The same has been studied by various experts around the world trying to establish any connection between tonsillectomy and its effect on immunity. But, there are several research studies that have come up to the conclusion that there is a negative impact of tonsillectomy on children’s immunity.

  1. Short Term Complications 

So, tonsils removed in adults create short-term complications. But the good thing is, these are short-term means these side effects last for a week or two after the surgery. And some common short-term complications are vomiting, mild fever, feeling of nausea, soreness in the throat, feeling lethargic and tiredness, earache, difficulty in swallowing, fatigue, and bad breath.

Disadvantages Of Removing Tonsils In Adults 

The disadvantages of removing tonsils in adults are dehydration, and infection. It is rare but it is a small risk with most surgeries. Also, pain, swelling, pneumonia, and too much bleeding from the wound. 

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Disadvantages Of Removing Tonsils & Adenoids 

The disadvantages of removing tonsils and adenoids are two to three times increased diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Also, smaller increases in risks for infectious and allergic diseases. 

These all are the disadvantages of removing tonsils. Do you know the signs you need your tonsils removed adults? They are, severe throat pain, white spots on your tonsils, pain or difficulty swallowing, fever, swollen, tender lymph nodes in your neck. 

Advantages Of Removing Tonsils 

The advantages of removing tonsils are, 

  • Less use of medication 
  • Improved sleep 
  • Less time off work or school 
  • Fewer infections 
  • Improved quality of life  

Now, you know the pros and cons of getting tonsils removed adults

Everything has its disadvantages on Disadvantagess you will get to know more.

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Does Removing Tonsils Affect Immune System?

Study limitations included heterogeneity in the diagnostic tools, timing of testing, indication for tonsillectomy and patients’ age. Conclusion: It is reasonable to say that there is enough evidence to conclude that tonsillectomy has no clinically significant negative effect on the immune system.

Can Tonsils Grow Back?

It is possible for tonsils to partially grow back. During a tonsillectomy, most of the tonsils are removed. However, some tissue often remains, so tonsils occasionally can regenerate (regrow) — although they probably won’t grow back completely or to their original size

What Is The Best Age To Have Tonsils Removed?

A child at any age can have a tonsillectomy if the indications are severe. However, surgeons generally wait until children are 3 years old to remove tonsils because the risk of dehydration and bleeding is greater among small children

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Do You Get Sick More Without Tonsils?

Children who have their tonsils removed do not, on average, have any more illnesses than children who “keep” their tonsils. In fact, some children will get fewer illnesses, like strep throat, after their tonsils are taken out.

What Happens If You Remove Your Tonsils?

After tonsillectomy, you can still get colds, sore throats, and throat infections. But you won’t get tonsillitis unless the tonsils grow back, which is uncommon. Even though the tonsils are part of the immune system, removing them doesn’t affect your body’s ability to fight infections.

Can You Talk After Tonsil Removal?

At first, your voice may sound different. Your voice probably will get back to normal in 2 to 6 weeks. It’s common for people to lose weight after this surgery. That’s because it can hurt to swallow food at first.


From this article, you have collected information like the advantages and disadvantages of removing tonsils. Do you know the tonsil removal age limit? Fortunately, there is no age limit to remove tonsils but it is more common in adults. It has significantly declined over the last 40+ years. Aso, long-term effects of having tonsils removed are nearly tripled the risk of upper respiratory tract diseases. Now, you know the disadvantages of removing tonsils.


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