What Are The Disadvantages Of Ceramic Coating? 

Ceramic coating has created a benchmark in the car industry but the disadvantages of ceramic coating will shock you. Ceramic coating is used by almost all cars but not every car has a ceramic coating, and the process is not right for every driver. Also, creating the materials for ceramic coating is not an easy process because they must be extracted to create an effective barrier. This is all about the ceramic coating. Let’s understand the disadvantages of ceramic coating

What Are The Disadvantages Of Ceramic Coating

The disadvantages of ceramic coating are many but here I have given you some major disadvantages. Let’s see 

  1. Not completely scratch resistant 
  2. Doesn’t prevent rock chips despite some claims 
  3. Still susceptible to water spotting 
  4. Professional application is expensive 
  5. DIY application is more complex than wax or sealant 

Top 5 Disadvantages Of Ceramic Coating

Nothing is perfect, including the ceramic coatings. Let’s take a look at what are the disadvantages of ceramic coating on car paint.

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  1. Not Completely Scratch Resistant 

The ceramic coating’s advertisement shows that the coating is able to protect your car from scratching is true but not always exactly what you think. So, one of the worst disadvantages of ceramic coating on car is this.

  1. Doesn’t Prevent Rock Chips Despite Some Claims 

The ceramic coating manufacturers claim that their ceramic coating will prevent rock chips. But the truth is anything hard enough to high your car or truck and scratch through the clear cat is not going to be protected by a ceramic coating. Therefore, the ceramic coating reviews are not satisfactory.

  1. Still Susceptible To Water Spotting 

For professionals and DIYers, the water spots can be a very frustrating problem. Whenever water beads on a car and evaporates, any minerals or other dissolved elements will be left behind in the form of stains or spots. These stains or spots are tough to remove. Unfortunately, ceramic coating can not prevent this problem.

  1. Professional Application Is Expensive 

Professionals mostly use consumer-grade coating, but they may also offer a professional-grade coating which obviously will be more expensive. If you choose professional-grade ceramic coating, then be ready to pay high expenses to go up even more. But the best thing is that you will get a robust and the best ceramic coating.

  1. Diy Application Is More Complex Than Wax Or Sealant 

The ceramic coating is not necessarily difficult to apply but it does have challenges that a wax or paint sealant won’t. But also why some people prefer to have a professional apply a ceramic coating for them instead of doing it themselves.

So, the disadvantages of paint protection ceramic coating are not finished yet. Let’s understand more disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages Of Ceramic Coated Cookware 

The disadvantages of ceramic coated cookware are that it loses its non-stickiness quicker than Teflon and is more expensive than traditional non-stick pans. It is not durable and has inconsistent cooking performance. Ceramic coated cookware is not the best cookware for searing meat, not all brands are oven-safe, and metal utensils will scratch the cooking surface.  

Advantages Of Ceramic Coating 

The ceramic coating hasn’t all disadvantages but also has some benefits of Ceramic Coating. So, let’s understand the benefits of the ceramic coating are like, 

  • It protects your car’s paint from oxidizing 
  • Prevent color fading and wearing a dull look 
  • It helps prevent fine swirls and scratches 
  • Hydrophobic properties make your vehicle easier to keep clean 
  • Glossies than most waxes and sealants 

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating on car paint. Now the question is how long does ceramic coating last? So, the answer is from a few months to years. And the professional-grade ceramic coatings claim to last up to 5 years.

Everything has its disadvantages on Disadvantagess you will get to know more.


Can You Remove A Ceramic Coating?

Since the ceramic coating is a physical layer, polishing is the only surefire way to remove it 100% and expose the clear coat underneath. In fact, many of the high-grade professional ceramic coatings claim the only way to remove them is through machine polishing.

Does Ceramic Coating Affect The Paint?

Ceramic coating offers good protection to the car’s surface. The nano-coating can protect the car from most scratches, dirt and chemical contaminants. Ceramic coating also doesn’t have any side-effects to the original paint.

Is Ceramic Coating Good?

Yes! A ceramic coating is definitely good for your car, as it provides light protection as well as a permanent candy-gloss shine. However, you should never DIY a ceramic coating, since it requires a fairly skilled professional to apply properly.

Can I Polish My Car After Ceramic Coating?

So, what do you do if your car has a ceramic coating that’s already starting to fade? The best way to spruce up a dull, ceramic coating is to use a spray wax that’s free of polishing agents, like Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax or ICE Spray Wax, to add an additional layer of protection and shine to your finish.

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How Long Should I Wait To Drive After Ceramic Coating?

How Long Does It Take for Ceramic Coating to Cure? The coatings will cure enough to drive outside within 48 hours. Depending on the type of ceramic coating, the typical curing process takes up to two weeks. This is the period that we recommend waiting before washing the vehicle.

What Does A Ceramic Coating Do?

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

Essentially a hard shell, a ceramic coating will prevent water stains, road grime, bird droppings, and other substances from reaching and harming the paint. With a quick rinse, they’ll simply slide right off.

What Is Ceramic Coating For?

Made of silicon dioxide, a ceramic coating is a type of clear semi-permanent auto body protection. It won’t guard against stone chips or scratches but it will protect your car’s exterior from things like tree sap, bird droppings, and bug guts.


Above, you have learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating on cars paints in detail. The ceramic coating has various disadvantages but still, it is popularly used so don’t think that is ceramic coating worth it. So, the key to retaining the look of your car is to carry out the regular maintenance but, the ceramic coating will help you. Because it is very effective regardless of the disadvantages of ceramic coating.


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What is the downside of ceramic coating

What are the disadvantages of ceramic coating?